David Ryan




My paintings have, for some time now, explored the various legacies of abstraction. I have continued utilising formal differences and contrasts within a single work; they operate in such a way as the viewer constructs a whole from disparate parts. The smooth grey, coloured, or white grounds operate akin to the neutrality of a blank screen, and there is a notion of both continuity and interruption within the spaces. Colour sometimes acts as this element of both difference and formal interruption to the flow of the work. On another level I have always been fascinated with Borges’ notions of ‘the work within the work’ and the ‘double’ – both these issues address psychological and formal connotations which also inform the work. The paintings have also informed my video work since 2003, mostly in conjunction with music projects. They continue the concern with the paintings' exploration of multiple spaces, often informed by architectural structures.